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Collected date 08/09/14

Rishton sign

Rishton is a quiet station on the line between Blackburn and Colne, and was an entirely pleasant place to wait in the afternoon sun. The approach to the platforms from the north:

Rishton approach

A plaque near the entrance notes the volunteer work to care for the station:

Rishton plaque

The station entrance leads onto platform 1, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Rishton platform 1 seen from
platform 2

Platform 1:

Rishton platform 1

Looking west at both platforms:

Rishton platforms looking west

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Rishton looking west

From the other end of platform 1, looking east:

Rishton looking east

The two sides of the station are connected by a footbridge. The end of the footbridge on platform 1:

Rishton platform 1 footbridge end

Looking east at the footbridge:

Rishton footbridge

On the footbridge, looking east along the line:

Rishton from footbridge looking

Looking west at the station platforms from the footbridge:

Rishton from footbridge looking

On platform 2, the station name in stone:

Rishton stones

On platform 2 looking east at both platforms:

Rishton platforms looking east