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Collected date 18/12/05

Reading sign

Returning home from Oxford with engineering works on the line necessitated a 20 minute change at Reading, and gave me the opportunity to collect it. The new station concourse which bears the sign above sits at right angles to the old station building:

Reading old and new

The old station building is now mostly The Three Guineas pub:

Reading frontage

The canopy has skylights:

Reading skylights

The canopy and tower:

Reading tower

The platform side of the station building:

Reading rear

The new station concourse building is a small shopping centre:

Reading shops

From the station concourse you pass through barriers to the platforms:

Reading barriers

Bay platforms 4a and 4b, looking east:

Reading platforms 4a and 4b

Looking west along platform 4 at the bridge:

Reading bridge

Platform 6, seen from platform 4:

Reading platform 6

Platforms 8 and 9, looking west:

Reading platforms 8 and 9

Platforms 9 and 10, looking east:

Reading platforms 9 and 10