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Collected date 04/07/13

Rainhill sign

Rainhill station serves the Rainhill area of Merseyside and is famous for being (near) the location of the Rainhill trials, in which locomotives were tested for use on the new Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The station building itself is down a bit from Station Road to the south, so entry to the station is via these steps:

Rainhill entrance

Under the shade of the canopy which covers the side of the station building:

Rainhill under canopy of side

The side of the station building, showing the steps down from street level:

Rainhill side

The entrance gives onto platform 2, but most of the doorways from the station building to the platform are blocked up. Looking east under the canopy on platform 2:

Rainhill platform 2 under

One of the windows has stained glass of Stephenson's Rocket in it:

Rainhill glass

A plaque on the retaining wall of platform 2 marking the Rainhill Trials:

Rainhill plaque

The western end of the station building is also blocked up, seen here from the end of the footbridge:

Rainhill platform 2 footbridge />
The footbridge is just west of the station building:
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A flower bed just west of the footbridge commemorates the Rainhill trials:

Rainhill flowers

Looking west from the end of platform 2 towards the skew arch bridge which was designed and built by George Stephenson:

Rainhill looking west

From the other end of platform 2, looking west at both platforms:

Rainhill platforms looking west

Platform 1 is accessed by the footbridge, and has a more basic building:

Rainhill platform 1 shelter

This sign on platform 1 tells us what Rainhill station is for:

Rainhill for the Rainhill Locomotive
Trials Exhibition

At the eastern end of the station there is a second footbridge which isn't part of the railway:

Rainhill eastern footbridge

From the eastern footbridge looking east along the line:

Rainhill from eastern footbridge
looking east

Looking west at the station from the eastern footbridge:

Rainhill from eastern footbridge
looking west