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Collected date 02/07/13

Prescot sign

Prescot station serves Prescot, one of a number of towns on the line between Liverpool and Wigan. It's a small station with one brick building and one shelter. The front of the station building:

Prescot front

The rear of the station building, which backs on to platform 1:

Prescot building rear

On platform 1, looking west under the canopy:

Prescot platform 1

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Prescot looking east

Looking west at both platforms from platform 1:

Prescot platforms looking west

The two platforms are connected by a footbridge. Looking west at the station from the footbridge:

Prescot looking west from

The end of the footbridge on platform 2 and another entrance to the station:

Prescot footbridge end

Looking west along the line from tne end of platform 2:

Prescot looking west