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Collected date 13/09/14

Penrith sign

Penrith was the first station on the eighth day of the 2014 holiday and marked our heading out into the Lake District. The front of the station, opposite the ruins of Penrith Castle, which I also explored.

Penrith front

From the front of the station there are two entrances. The first is to the ticket office, visible next to the telephone box in the previous photo:

Penrith entrance

Inside the ticket hall at Penrith, with the platforms on the right:

Penrith ticket hall

The other entrance from the station front is at its north end:

Penrith side entrance

The side entrance gives both onto the subway which connects the two sides of the station and onto platform 1:

Penrith platform 1 subway
entrance Penrith side entrance platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 1, looking north:

Penrith platform 1 under

Walkig to the very south end of platform 1, looking south along the line:

Penrith looking south

A wide view of all the platforms from the south of the station:

Penrith platforms looking north

Looking north along platform 1 towards the station buildings:

Penrith platform 1 looking north

The end of the canopy on platform 1:

Penrith platform 1 canopy

From the other end of platform 1 looking south at all platforms:

Penrith platforms looking south

Looking north along the line towards the road bridge which crosses the line:

Penrith looking north

The rear of the station building seen from platform 2 opposite:

Penrith rear

Crossing the line via the subway we end up on platform 2. This is an island platform with platform 2 on one side and platform 3 on the other. This is the subway exit in the building on platforms 2 and 3:

Penrith platform 3 subway exit

The end of the building between platform faces 2 and 3:

Penrith platforms 2 and 3 building

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Penrith platform 2

On platform 2 looking south under the canopy:

Penrith platform 2 under

The clock under the canopy on platform 2:

Penrith clock

Looking south beyond the building on platform 2:

Penrith platform 2 looking south

The canopy on platform 2 seen from platform 1:

Penrith platform 2 canopy

At the southern end of platform 2 is a disused bay:

Penrith disused bay

Platform 3 is on the far side of the island platform. Here looking south:

Penrith platform 3 looking south

Looking north from the same point:

Penrith platform 3 looking north

Looking north from the end of the island platform:

Penrith platforms 2 and 3 looking

From the road to the west of the station a view back at the canopies over platforms 2 and 3 and the retaining wall:

Penrith platforms 2 and 3 canopy

From the road bridge which crosses the line to the station's north, looking south back at the station:

Penrith from bridge looking

Looking north along the line:

Penrith from bridge looking