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Collected date 15/09/16

Pemberton sign

Pemberton station on a September evening, and my ability to keep my camera still enough was apparently waning more than the light levels, so some of my photos are a bit blurry. Fortunately there's not a great deal to see. The entrance to the station is from Billinge Road which runs to the north of the line before crossing it shortly to the west. The entrance to platform 1 is down this ramp:

Pemberton platform 1 approach

A slightly overgrown garden sits in the vee of the ramp, with a big Pemberton plaque:

Pemberton garden

Platform 1:

Pemberton platform 1

On platform 1 looking east:

Pemberton platform 1 looking east

Looking west we can see the bridge which carries the road over the railway and affords access to platform 2:

Pemberton platform 1 looking west

We have to return to the road to get to the other platform. The entrance is from this bridge over the railway:

Pemberton bridge

From the bridge we look east at the platforms:

Pemberton looking east from bridge

Down a ramp and we're at platform 2:

Pemberton platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, which has a help point, a metal bench, and a metal shelter:

Pemberton platform 2 looking east

At the east of platform 2 looking east along the line:

Pemberton looking east

Looking back from the east of platform 2:

Pemberton from the east

Walking back to the other end of platform 2 we can look back east at both platforms:

Pemberton platforms looking east

Looking west from the end of platform 2, with the station information boards visible on the bridge:

Pemberton looking west