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Peckham Rye

Collected date 01/08/15

Peckham Rye sign

Peckham Rye station sits between two railway lines: the line heading north towards London Bridge and the East London Line; and the line heading eastwards towards Lewisham and other destinations. Each line is carried on a viaduct with the station building sitting between the two.

Access to the station is from Rye Lane just to the station's east, where the station sign sits on the front of a small shopping arcade. The arcade front:

Peckham Rye arcade front

Inside the shopping arcade looking west towards the front of the station building:

Peckham Rye shopping arcade

At the other end of the arcade one arrives in a small square between the two wings of the station building. The front of the station building:

Peckham Rye frontage

A longer view of the station front, with the more southerly of the two viaducts visible on the left:

Peckham Rye front long view

Detail of the ironwork on the front of the building:

Peckham Rye ironwork

At ground floor is the entrance to the ticket hall:

Peckham Rye entrance

The ticket hall, with a small coffee shop on the left and a wooden ticket counter straight ahead:

Peckham Rye tickets

The wooden counter, defaced slightly by metal shutters:

Peckham Rye ticket counter

A plaque marks a 1986 renovation:

Peckham Rye plaque - This Plaque
Was Unveiled by Councillor JESSIE CANNON Mayor of the London Borough
of Southwark On Monday 20 October 1986 To Commemorate the Renovation
of the Station Building

The stairs up to the ticket hall lead to a first floor corridor, with steps at its northern end to platforms 1 and 2. The steps rise in the middle of an island platform between the two lines. Looking west on platform 1 the steps to the corridor can be seen on the left:

Peckham Rye platform 1 looking west

Looking east along platform 1:

Peckham Rye platform 1 looking east

On the opposite side of the island is platform 2:

Peckham Rye platform 2 looking east

At the eastern end of platforms 1 and 2 looking east:

Peckham Rye looking east

Looking back along platforms 1 and 2 from the same point:

Peckham Rye from east

From platform 2 one can look across the gap towards the station's other two platforms, platforms 3 and 4:

Peckham Rye platforms 3 and 4
from platforms 1 and 2

The rear of the station building seen from platform 2:

Peckham Rye rear

Platforms 3 and 4 are unlike platforms 1 and 2 in that they have the lines between them, so there have to be two separate sets of steps from the first floor corridor, one to each platform. These are the steps to platform 3, which go up beside the windows at the rear of the ticket hall:

Peckham Rye platform 3 steps

Up on platform 3 we look across to platforms 1 and 2:

Peckham Rye platforms 1 and 2

Platform 3, seen from platform 4 opposite:

Peckham Rye platform 3

On platform 3 looking east:

Peckham Rye platform 3 looking east

Off platform 3 is this beautifully restored waiting room in the northern "wing" of the building:

Peckham Rye waiting room

Looking through one of the waiting room's windows at the front of the station building:

Peckham Rye frontage
seen through window

A poster on another window on platform 3 details some of the work being done to restore the station, including the old waiting room (dimly visible behind the poster but not in a photograph - sorry!) which runs the whole width of the station's second floor frontage:

Peckham Rye poster

Platform 4, seen from platform 3:

Peckham Rye platform 4

On platform 4 looking east:

Peckham Rye platform 4 looking east

Looking west along platform 4:

Peckham Rye platform 4 looking west