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Collected date 14/09/15

Parton sign

Parton's sign is stuck on the back of one of its shelters, part of the fairly minimal edifice necessary to get passengers up to the two platforms on their viaduct. Up the steps to platform 1 for southbound trains towards Barrow:

Parton platform 1 looking north

Looking north from the end of platform 1, the line can be seen clinging to the coast:

Parton looking north

Looking south at both platforms from the northern end of platform 1:

Parton platforms looking south

Access to the northbound platform 2 is via this subway:

Parton subway

It leads up on to platform 2 via the steps to the left of the shelter:

Parton platform 2

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Parton looking south

Towards the southern end of the station the line bridges a road leading to the shore:

Parton bridge

This gives a view of the rear of the platform 2 station building:

Parton rear

In the vicinity of the station is this mural. Sadly we saw neither biplanes nor steam locomotives at Parton:

Welcome to Parton mural