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Collected date 20/06/15

The closest I could find for a sign at Orpington was this one at the bus station next to the eastern entrance to the rail station:

Orpington bus station sign

The main entrance to the station is on its west side, but there wasn't time to get over there to capture it. It has a secondary entrance on its east side:

Orpington east front

The station building gives onto platform 5, from where we look north:

Orpington platform 5 looking north

The station building is quite close to the southern end of the station. Looking south along the line:

Orpington looking south

Looking over the track towards the island platforms 3 and 4:

Orpington platform 4 from platform
5 Orpington platform 4 north end
from platform 5

On platform 5 looking north under the canopy:

Orpington platforms 5 and 6
under canopy

To the east of the through platforms are three bay platforms, 6-8. Looking north behind the buffers for platforms 6 and 7:

Orpington platforms 6 and 7

On platform 7, looking south towards the buffers with the footbridge which links platforms 1-6 on the right:

Orpington platform 7 looking south

Looking west from platform 7 at the footbridge:

Orpington footbridge

Looking north along platforms 7 and 8:

Orpington platforms 7 and 8

Looking north from platform 7:

Orpington looking north