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Collected date 30/07/05

I visited Nuneaton on a grey July day, and it was quite encouraging that in spite of the recent terrorist attacks in London there were still a fair number of railway enthusiasts about taking pictures of trains. One of them asked me something about trains, and seemed surprised when I couldn't answer his question because I was more interested in the buildings. "That's unusual," he said. We aim to please.

The front of the station building. The first-floor windows were once circular but were replaced with the present square windows in the 1970s:

Nuneaton front

The entrance:

Nuneaton entrance

At one end of the station is a distinctive clock tower which also houses the lift shaft for access to the footbridge:

Nuneaton clock tower Nuneaton clock tower, rear

Looking along platform 1 towards the footbridge:

Nuneaton platform 1

Looking at the footbridge from the other direction:

Nuneaton platform 1 canopy

This mural can be found on platform 1:

Nuneaton mural

A view of platform 1 from platform 2, showing the retaining wall and rear of the station buidling:

Nuneaton building rear

From platform 1, the island platforms 2 and 3:

Nuneaton platforms 2 and 3

Looking along the platforms at the whole station:

Nuneaton platforms

The buildings on platform 4/5 are of a different material to the red bricked frontage:

Building on platform 4

The canopy on platform 5, showing the leafy spandrel designs:

Nuneaton platform 5

The platforms are all linked by a covered footbridge with lift access:

Nuneaton bridge

Looking down from the bridge at platforms 4 and 5:

Nuneaton bridge stairs

When two more platforms were added in 2004, a new extension to the bridge was built:

Nuneaton bridge extension

Inside the new bridge:

Nuneaton new bridge

The stairwell connecting the new bridge to the new platforms:

Nuneaton new bridge

The new platform 6:

Nuneaton platform 6

Platforms 6 and 7, looking towards the footbridge:

Nuneaton platforms 6 and 7

The central island platforms have a few flowers to brigthen the place up:

Nuneaton flowers