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Collected date 07/09/14

Northallerton sign

Abandoning a 200km ride in the Dales 100km through had its consequences, chief among which was that we had to get back to the right side of the Pennines. But the staff at Northallerton station showed us the way to go home, and I snapped a few photos with a spare camera.

The approach to the station:

Northallerton Approach

A modern ticket office building sits at ground level below the raised tracks:

Northallerton ticket office

The rear of the ticket office building:

Northallerton ticket
office rear

The ticket office building seen from platform level:

Northallerton ticket
office building

Entrance to platform 2 is via this subway under the tracks:

Northallerton platform 2

But we wanted platform 1, which has a ramped entrance from ground level:

Northallerton platform 1

Looking down the ramp to ground level:

Northallerton platform 1 exit

Little traces of older structures still exist, like these railings embedded in stonework:

Northallerton railings

But at platform level almost everything is modern. Looking south on platform 1:

Northallerton platform 1 looking

The shop, cafe, and waiting room building on platform 1:

Northallerton platform 1

Looking north back along platform 1:

Northallerton platform 1 looking

Looking south along the line:

Northallerton looking south

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Northallerton platform 2

The building on platform 2:

Northallerton platform 2

Looking north from the end of platform 1 at the rest of platform 2:

Northallerton looking north