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Collected date 04/07/13

Newton-le-Willows sign

I say, these willows, they're all Newton-le.

The railway approaches Newton-le-Willows station from the west on a viaduct:

Newton-le-Willows viaduct

From the road just beyond the viaduct in the previous photo, steps lead up to the front of the station:

Newton-le-Willows steps

The steps lead to the front of the station building, which has an entrance at ground level with steps up to platform level:

Newton-le-Willows front

From ground level these steps lead up:

Newton-le-Willows platform
1 steps ground floor

The steps lead up to platform level. Here we look east through the window at the end of the building. To the right is the entrance to platform 1:

Newton-le-Willows platform
1 steps first floor

On the wall inside the building is this tablet:

Newton-le-Willows tablet
marking the death of William Huskisson

A plaque explaining the tablet:

Newton-le-Willows plaque

The steps give on to platform 1, for eastbound trains:

Newton-le-Willows station
building rear

Under the canopy on platform 1, looking east:

Newton-le-Willows platforms
looking east

This subway connects the two sides of the line. Here looking from the platform 2 side:

Newton-le-Willows subway

On platform 2, looking east:

Newton-le-Willows looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Newton-le-Willows looking west