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Collected date 25/05/05

Newquay sign

The branch line from Par to Newquay crosses Cornwall from South to North, and has been dubbed the Atlantic Coast Line.

Newquay station is a little run-down and neglected. The station building from the side:

Newquay station side

The front of the station is almost totally obscured by a modern shopping building, on the right here:

Newquay ugly modern front

Some of the old stone frontage can still be seen, though:

Newquay old front

The station building itself is now occupied by a café, seen here from the platform side:

Newquay station building

The café and tables under the station canopy:

Newquay station building cafe

One of the old platform canopies shelters access to an information centre:

Newquay under canopy

At the end of the tracks is an iron sculpture of the waves and surf for which Newquay is renowned:

Newquay ironwork

Unlike other stations on the line, the platforms at Newquay are long, as it still sees direct Summer trains from London:

Newquay long platform

The line is still single-track, though, and the platform on the other side of the track shows a variety of different styles of construction and states of decay:

Newquay old platform

It also looks like there was another platform face, or at least some sidings, on the other side:

Newquay former platform?

Looking south back along the line:

Newquay, looking south