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New Lane

Collected date 06/07/13

New Lane sign

New Lane station is one of those typical country stations: there to serve nearby villages but not actually in the middle of anywhere in particular. Unlike many stations, though, it still has its station building, even if now in private hands. The front of the station house:

New Lane house

The house gives on to platform 2, for eastbound trains:

New Lane platform 2

The entrance from the building to the platform is bricked up:

New Lane building

A small wooden shelter now provides a small measure of comfort to passengers:

New Lane platform 2 shelter

Looking north at the level crossing sits between the two staggered platforms:

New Lane level crossing

Platform 1, seen from the level crossing:

New Lane platform 1

Looking east along platform 1 back towards the level crossing and platform 2:

New Lane platform 1 looking east

The shelter on platform 1:

New Lane shelter

Looking west along platform 1:

New Lane platform 1 looking west