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Collected date 11/09/14

Nelson sign

Nelson station is a peculiar mixture. It has a modern (2008) frontage which provides a bus interchange, but the station retains a full canopy at platform level. The front of the station, with the platforms extending over the bridge and the modern interchange concourse on the right:

Nelson front

The entrance to the interchange building with the bus stands beyond the fence on the right:

Nelson entrance

Inside the concourse looking west:

Nelson concourse

A plaque inside the concourse marks its opening:

Nelson Interchange - Opened Saturday
6th December 2008 by the Mayor of Pendle, Councillor Shelagh Derwent,
Lancashire County Councillor Tim Ormrod and Councillor John David,
Leader of Pendle Borough Council.  Constructed by Walter Carefoot
& Sons Ltd.

A rear entrance leads from the modern concourse towards the railway platforms:

Nelson rail station entrance

The ramp leading up to platform level:

Nelson ramp, first part Nelson ramp, second part

On platform level, looking at the rear of the interchange building:

Nelson rear

As well as the ramped entrance to platform level, which emerges on the right of this photo, a lift is provided which joins the platform on the left:

Nelson disused platform

The bridge from the concourse lift to the platform crosses a disused trackbed:

Nelson disused platform

Looking east at the disused platform as it crosses the bridge over the road:

Nelson disused platform looking

Looking west along the disused platform edge:

Nelson disused platform looking

The old canopy is still in place and in quite good condition, providing shelter from the elements:

Nelson canopy

On the platform looking east along the operational side:

Nelson platform looking east

Towards the eastern end of the platform looking west at the canopy:

Nelson platform looking west

The station has friends who provide planters:

Nelson friends planter

At its eastern end most of the platform is overgrown:

Nelson looking east

At the other end of the platform looking west:

Nelson looking west

Back on ground level, a quick look at the south side of the bridge with the canopy above:

Nelson bridge rear