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Collected date 17/05/10

Moorthorpe sign

At the time of our visit to Moorthorpe, there were signs of both renewal and decay at Moorthorpe. The station buildings stood roofless, with boarded-up windows, while orange-clad workmen were busily constructing a new footbridge.

We arrived on platform 1 from Pontefract Baghill, with the new footbridge work ahead of us and the station building to our right:

Moorthorpe platform 1 looking south

Looking north on platform 1, with a perfectly respectable shelter:

Moorthorpe platform 1 shelter

But turn and look over the line and you see the station building:

Moorthorpe platform 2 Moorthorpe front

The new footbridge was still a work in progress at the time of our visit, so a barrow crossing at the north end of the station is the way to get over the track:

Moorthorpe looking north

Now on platform 2, looking north at the barrow crossing:

Moorthorpe platform 2 looking north

Wandering round the back of the station building, more evidence of decay. I was sure at the time I visited that the building was almost certainly destined for demolition, but the web tells me there are long-standing plans to do something useful with it. Perhaps one day they will happen.

The north side of Moorthorpe station building:

Moorthorpe north side

The rear of the station building, facing the car parking area:

Moorthorpe rear Moorthorpe rear

The southern side of the station building at Moorthorpe:

Moorthorpe south side

Walking onwards towards South Elmsall I caught a view of the work going on to install the new footbridge:

Moorthorpe building site