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Collected date 17/09/16

Moorside sign

Moorside is relatively little used by comparison with other stations on the line, so it's not surprising that it's lacking in facilities. Here's the station building on the road bridge over the line:

Moorside building

The entrance to the station from the road:

Moorside front

From the road bridge, looking down at the platform 2 side of the station building:

Moorside platform 2 side

Inside the station building is a small concourse and ticket office, although the ticket window was (perhaps unsurprisingly) closed when we visited. Here's the concourse looking back out the front entrance:

Moorside concourse

Steps leading up from platform level to the entrance and ticket office:

Moorside steps

Looking east along platform 2 at the exit from the station:

Moorside looking east

Coming out of the steps there's platform 1 to the right for trains to Manchester. Here looking west:

Moorside platform 1 looking west

Looking east down the side of the steps:

Moorside platform 1 looking east

A view from the road bridge of the platform 1 side of the station building:

Moorside platform 1 side

The platforms, including their shelter:

Moorside platforms looking east

The end of the platforms:

Moorside platform end

Looking back from the western end of the platform:

Moorside from west end

Looking west from the end of platform 2, with a short length of disused platform beyond:

Back up on the road bridge looking east along the line:

Moorside looking east from road bridge