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Collected date 20/05/10

Mirfield sign

Mirfield station was the first station on day five of our travels in West Yorkshire, and its layout leaves hints of a more impressive past. The station consists of three platforms, two on an island platform belonging to the original station and a later addition in the form of platform 3.

Loooking up the steps which lead to platform 3:

Mirfield platform 3 entrance

The steps onto platform 3 can be seen at the right of this picture from the other side of the line:

Mirfield platform 3 seen from
platforms 1 and 2

On platform 3, looking west. The island platforms 1 and 2 can be seen on the right:

Mirfield platform 3 looking west

At the eastern end of platform 3, looking west:

Mirfield platform 3 from end

South of platform 3 is the car park:

Mirfield platform 3 car park

Looking east at the carpark with the entrance to the platform on the left:

Mirfield platform 3 from gap
looking east

Looking west from here we see the bridge over the road, which has what was presumably once more trackbed crossing the road:

Mirfield platform 3 western gap

The slightly rough approach to Mirfield's car park:

Mirfield car park approach

The bridge which carries the line over the road is the way we get to the island platform. On the right of this shot is the pedestrian route to platform 3:

Mirfield bridge

Under the bridge, the slightly dingy entrance to the island platforms 1 and 2:

Mirfield platforms 1 and 2

Behind us, a sign telling us how to get to platform 3:

Mirfield platform 3 sign

Something boarded up at the bottom of the steps up to platform level:

Mirfield boarded up

At the top of the steps looking down:

Mirfield platforms 1 and 2 exit

A view of the Mirfield island platform from platform 3:

Mirfield island platform

On platform 2, looking west, with the entrance to our right:

Mirfield platform 2

The big island platform once had station buildings on it, but now just a lot of shrubbery:

Mirfield platform 2 looking west

On platform 1, looking eastwards:

Mirfield platform 1

Looking west from the end of platform 1, with the old Ledgard Bridge Mill building (now apartments) on the left:

Mirfield platform 1 looking west

Looking west along the line at Mirfield:

Mirfield looking west

Looking east from the end of the island platform:

Mirfield looking east