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Meols Cop

Collected date 06/07/13

Meols Cop sign

Meols Cop! Final station of a holiday based at the other end of Merseyrail's network, Meols! We arrived after cycling a strange zig-zag field edge route from Bescar Lane and waited at this little station on the outskirts of Southport while gardeners mowed the lawns.

The entrance to the station is on the corner of a crossroads to the station's north:

Meols Cop entrance

Looking down the steps towards the single island platform:

Meols Cop steps

At the bottom of the steps looking north under the road bridge:

Meols Cop looking north

On platform 2 looking north:

Meols Cop platform 2 looking north

A little further down the island platform looking north along the opposite side:

Meols Cop platform 1 looking north

Looking south along platform 2 towards a small bike rack and the extensive central garden:

Meols Cop platform looking south

The southern end of the platform is grassed over with raised beds in the centre, and was being mown when we visited:

Meols Cop gardens

At the southern end of the platform looking north:

Meols Cop platforms from south

Looking south along the line from the end of the platform, where a wicker structure blocks the way:

Meols Cop looking south