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Collected date 14/09/15

Maryport sign

Maryport station is now just a single platform, even though there are traces of something larger still visible around the site. In a way it was a good thing the station is a simple affair as it was the only point in the week's travel that the heavens decided to open.

Before the rain, we look at the gates to the station site, just to its north:

Maryport gates

Through the gates, the approach to the station through its car park:

Maryport approach

The front of the station "building" which is basically three shelters:

Maryport front

Another old pillar stands at the corner of the shelter:

Maryport old post

On the platform looking westwards at the shelter:

Maryport shelter

While the rain started to fall, a quick look inside one of the two halves of the waiting shelter:

Maryport inside shelter

The signalbox stands just to the west of the station:

Maryport signalbox

At the eastern end of the platform looking back towards the shelter and signalbox:

Maryport from east end

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Maryport looking east

Curzon Street crosses the line to the west of the station. From the bridge looking east towards the signalbox:

Maryport looking east from

Looking west along the line from the road bridge:

Maryport looking west from