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Market Rasen

Collected date 06/08/11

Market Rasen sign

Market Rasen's station, like the town itself, is an unexpected gem, and although most of the station building is now in private hands, some inspired use of artwork makes a great change from the usual boarded up windows and doors. The whole site is cared for by its station adoption group.

The station is at the end of a driveway of which this is the beginning:

Market Rasen approach road

The railway is on an embankment and crosses the road to the left of the previous photo on this bridge:

Market Rasen bridge

By the entrance to the station driveway is this small triangle of garden:

Market Rasen triangle

In the garden, a sign:

Market Rasen to the trains

To the right of the approach road, a carving of a fat controller standing on a Thomas-engraved stump:

Market Rasen Fat Controller

The entrance to the station:

Market Rasen entrance

The front of the station building as it faces the car park. The right-hand side of the building is someone's private house:

Market Rasen front

Close up of the central entrance door:

Market Rasen door

On the north side of the station walls on platform 1, this amusing mural:

Market Rasen mural

Emerging on platform 1 we're in a bright area with a help point (which actually attempts to tell you where the train was last seen!) some planters, and a community-provided `poets corner':

Market Rasen poets corner

A long view of platform 1:

Market Rasen platform 1

The centre of the station building has a railway clock and the windows are painted to give the impression of the former booking hall inside:

Market Rasen building rear

At the southern end of platform 1, a small war memorial:

Market Rasen war memorial

On platform 1 looking north at both platforms:

Market Rasen platforms looking

One of the basket hangers on platform 1 is from Rotary International:

Market Rasen rotary

The two platforms are connected by this barrow crossing at the north of the station, with lights to tell you when a train is coming:

Market Rasen looking north

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Market Rasen platform 2 seen
from platform 1

The shelter on platform 2:

Market Rasen platform 2 shelter

The shelter has information about the station, as well as a collection of plaques and awards:

Market Rasen plaques

Looking north along platform 2:

Market Rasen platform 2

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Market Rasen looking south