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Mansfield Woodhouse

Collected date 23/05/15

Mansfield Woodhouse sign

Mansfield Woodhouse station serves a village/suburb to the north of Mansfield. I visited on a grey day with the intent of mopping up a bit more of the Robin Hood Line (which was reopened in the mid-1990s after an attack of the Beechings).

The station approach is from a largish car park:

Mansfield Woodhouse

The entrance to the station:

Mansfield Woodhouse

The entrance gives onto platform 1, for trains towards Worksop:

Mansfield Woodhouse platform
1 looking south

Platform 1 and its shelter seen from the footbridge:

Mansfield Woodhouse platform

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Mansfield Woodhouse looking

A footbridge joins platform 1 to the other through platform, platform 2, and to the bay platform 3:

Mansfield Woodhouse

On the footbridge, looking south along the line with platform 1 on the right:

Mansfield Woodhouse
looking south from footbridge

Looking north from the footbridge, with platform 2 on the right and platform 3 leading into the engine shed:

Mansfield Woodhouse
looking north from footbridge

The zig-zag ramp from the footbridge down to platform 2:

Mansfield Woodhouse ramp

On platform 2 looking south towards the footbridge:

Mansfield Woodhouse platform
2 looking south

Looking north on platform 3 towards the buffers. Beyond the end of the island platform is a secondary entrance to the station:

Mansfield Woodhouse platform
3 looking north

At the end of platform 2 looking north along the line:

Mansfield Woodhouse looking

On platform 3 looking south:

Mansfield Woodhouse platform
3 looking south

Inside the covered engine shed:

Mansfield Woodhouse
platform 3 inside the shed

This plaque on the shed wall marks the station's opening:

Mansfield Woodhouse
Station - This station was opened on the 17th November 1995 by
Councillor Mrs Mavis Hall, Vice Chairman of Mansfield District Council
and Mr Eric Etherington, Porter at Mansfield Woodhouse station in 1964
and enables the return of passenger rail services to Mansfield.

Looking at the shed wall and roof:

Mansfield Woodhouse shed

With the footbridge to our right, we look south at the end of platform 3:

Mansfield Woodhouse
platform 3 south end