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Manchester Piccadilly

Collected date 18/09/16

Manchester Piccadilly sign

An hour or so's wandering around Manchester Piccadilly brought 2016's station collecting holiday in and around Greater Manchester to a close. It's a large station, and initially very confusing with lots of different ways in and out but basically just a trainshed containing twelve terminating platforms with lines heading out to the east and a pair of through east-west platforms on the south side.

The station front is this entrance to the concourse, with building work swathing the S-shaped "Gateway" building to the left in scaffolding:

Manchester Piccadilly front entrance

A longer view of the station frontage from a bridge which spans London Road to the station's west:

Manchester Piccadilly front, long view

And from the curved building on the right of the previous shot:

Manchester Piccadilly front from south

A road leads down from the station front to street level, from where we turn down London Road to look at the station's western side. The approach to the station is beyond the retaining wall of this small paved area:

Manchester Piccadilly London Road side wall

Walking east down London Road we can look west at the pedestrian bridge linking the station frontage to streets to the south:

Manchester Piccadilly bridge over London Road

A road leads under the station front:

Store Street under Manchester Piccadilly

Next is a disused entrance archway, which perhaps has also seen an earlier life as a shop:

Manchester Piccadilly Disused entrance archway on London Road

Manchester's tram/light rail system, Metrolink, has a stop underneath Piccadilly station, and the tracks enter here:

Manchester Piccadilly tram entrances from London Road

Finally, before the junction of London Road and Fairfield St that marks the station's south-west corner, there's this old goods facade, behind which is now a passenger entrance to Metrolink:

Manchester Piccadilly Goods Facade

The station frontage on London Road ends with this tower:

Manchester Piccadilly southern tower

Just round the corner from the tower is the southern entrance, which is connected to platform level with lifts and escalators:

Piccadilly southern entrance

It has a particularly good roof:

Manchester Piccadilly southern entrance roof

On the wall which forms the rear of the goods facade is this clock and staircase:

Manchester Piccadilly clock ad staircase

Under the staircase is a small war memorial to the LMS fallen from WW2:

Manchester Piccadilly LMS War Memorial

A collection of plaques marks various heritage awards won by the station:

Heritage plaques at Manchester Piccadilly

On the other side of the escalators are ticket machines and an entrance to the Metrolink station:

Manchester Piccadilly southern entrance - Metrolink

The station concourse and platforms have an undercroft which is occupied by various things, including the taxi rank:

Manchester Piccadilly taxi rank

Looking west back along the south side of the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly south side

Towards the eastern end of the trainshed is a lift which offers step free access to the station footbridge and through platforms:

Manchester Piccadilly Fairfield St lift

Continuing the walk east here Fairfield Street goes under the through platforms 13 and 14, and we get a view of a earlier temporary capacity increase to Piccadilly in the shape of Mayfield station:

Mayfield Station frontage seen from Fairfield St.

This old ironwork gate lies just east of the bridge carrying the through lines, but it's not an entrance any more:

Manchester Piccadilly Station old ironwork gate

We then walk under the line to look at the station approach (and the trainshed) from the north side:

Manchester Piccadilly north side

Here the tram lines emerge from the Metrolink stop underneath the station:

Manchester Piccadilly north side tram entrance

On this side too the undercroft is used for deliveries and service vehicles, while a bridge links the (deliberately) rusty car park on the right to the station:

Manchester Piccadilly north side undercroft

Following the station round we can see the back of the S-shaped Gateway building which sits by the side of the approach road to the station front:

Piccadilly gateway building rear

Remember the bridge to the rusty car park? Here's a view of the same bridge from the level of the station concourse:

Manchester Piccadilly car park bridge

At concourse level this second car park is for disabled badge holders and those who pay extra to be closer to the station. Looking west along the north side of the trainshed from here:

Manchester Piccadilly looking west along trainshed north side

A view from the other direction:

Manchester Piccadilly trainshed north side

This longer view of the trainshed shows the car park, the trainshed, and just on the right, the modern entrance to the concourse:

Manchester Piccadilly trainshed and car park

All of which leads us to what is definitely the rear entrance to the station, used when I visited only by smokers:

Manchester Piccadilly rear entrance

With the rear entrance behind us, we look south along the interface between the platforms on the left and the concourse to the right:

Piccadilly platform ends

Most platforms have a staffed doorway but a central few have a gateline:

Manchester Piccadilly

At the southern end of the concourse an escalator takes us up to an upper level, giving us this view of the entrances to platforms 11 and 12:

Piccadilly concourse south end

From this point we look north along the concourse:

Manchester Piccadilly concourse

The upper level is given over to bars and restaurants:

Piccadilly upper bars

A bypass to the left of the bunch of shops forms a little shopping mall:

Manchester Piccadilly
shopping mall

Curiously for what is otherwise quite a spacious station there's this rather dingy low-ceilinged waiting area:

Piccadilly upper waiting area

Beyond this waiting area, on the upper level, looking east towards the trainshed:

Piccadilly concourse looking east

From the same point looking north at the station pub, which shares a name with the adjacent defunct station, Mayfield:

Manchester Piccadilly
Station pub

Turning our attention to the platforms we start on platform 1, looking east towards the end of the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 1 looking east

Various more or less attractive things line the side of platform 1. Behind some notices there's this sink:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 1 sink

Rather more attractive is this old fountain:

Piccadilly platform 1 drinking fountain

Art on the wall of platform 1:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 1 art

A bench on platform 1 in memory of Gary Openshaw:

Piccadilly platform 1 bench

Piccadilly platform 1 bench plaque

Towards the end of the covered part of platform 1 looking west:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 1 looking west

A footbridge crosses the lines under the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly

At the eastern end of platform 1 is actually an exit to the car park:

Manchester Piccadilly platform 1 eastern exit

Immediately on leaving the trainshed we see this siding:

Piccadilly siding

At the end of platform 1 looking east:

Manchester Piccadilly
looking east

Looking back west from the end of platform 1 at the end of the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly trainshed end from platform 1

Detail of the ironwork at the end of the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly trainshed end detail

On the steps of the footbridge looking across the trainshed:

Piccadilly trainshed

Climbing up to the footbridge we look east over platforms 1-4:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 1-4 looking east

Looking west along platforms 5 and 6:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 5 and 6

Platforms 7 and 6:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 7 and 6 looking west

Looking east from the footbridge at the same point:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 7 and 6 looking east

Platforms 9 and 10:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 9 and 10

Platforms 10 and 11 are wider than the other platforms, housing several buildings and the travelators that provide access from the terminating platforms to the through platforms:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 10 and 11

Looking back north along the footbridge:

Manchester Piccadilly
on the footbridge

At the southern end of the footbridge it connects to a small upper concourse area, just off to the left behind Smith's:

Piccadilly upper concourse

The upper concourse gives a good view of the spandrels at the tops of the columns:

Manchester Piccadilly spandrels

Travelators lead from the upper concourse down to platforms 10 and 11:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 10 and 11

Looking up towards the upper concourse from the travelator:

Manchester Piccadilly on travelator

Looking west along the travelator along the centre of platforms 10 and 11 towards the main concourse:

Manchester Piccadilly travelator looking west

At platform level looking east at the travelators:

Piccadilly platform 10 travelators

Manchester Piccadilly platform 11

After the sloped part of the travelator there's another section of flat leading to the concourse:

Manchester Piccadilly platform 11 looking west

At the far end of the flat length of travelator, looking east along platform 11:

Manchester Piccadilly platform 11

In the large area of platform between platforms 10 and 11 is this LNWR war memorial:

LNWR War Memorial

Looking east along platform 10:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 10 looking east

Next to the Northern information office on platform 10 is this palm tree:

Piccadilly platforms 10 and 11 palm tree

Going back to upper concourse level we get a look down at platforms 11 and 12 on the south side of the trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 11 ad 12

The upper concourse leads to the end of the footbridge which joins to the through platforms 13 and 14:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 13 and 14 bridge

On platform 13, looking back towards the main trainsheds, we see the link bridge on the left:

Manchester Piccadilly from platform 13

This view north from platform 13 shows how the span of trainshed south of the platforms 1-8 section is shorter:

Manchester Piccadilly shorter trainshed

On platform 13, looking eastwards:

Manchester Piccadilly platform 13

Towards the other end of platform 13, we look at the side of the trainshed and the taxi rank undercroft:

Manchester Piccadilly south side seen from platform 13

Looking west along the through lines from the end of platforms 13 and 14:

Manchester Piccadilly looking west

Looking east towards the end of the canopy on platforms 13 and 14:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 13 and 14 looking east

On platform 14 looking east:

Manchester Piccadilly
platform 14 looking east

Looking back west at the canopies on platforms 13 and 14:

Manchester Piccadilly platforms 13 and 14 looking west

At the eastern end of platform 13, looking back towards the main trainshed:

Manchester Piccadilly trainshed seen from platforms 13 and 14