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Manchester Airport

Collected date 11/09/16

Manchester Airport (not) sign

Manchester Airport station is signposted throughout the airport as simply "The Station" so it's no surprise that that name appears on the rotunda that's the entrance to the station buildings:

Manchester Airport front

Inside the front is a large concourse area with escalators up to the first floor for links to the rest of the airport:

Manchester Airport concourse

Either side of the centre of the concourse corridors lead towards the platform area of the station:

Manchester Airport corridor

Looking along the rear of the concourse section:

Manchester Airport exit from cavernous void

Behind the previous shot is a mysterious cavernous void with little apparent purpose. In the far corner it leads to buses and coaches:

Manchester Airport cavernous void

Above the platforms the station has a series of wing-like roof canopies. This long view of the side of the building gives an idea of the overall shape:

Manchester Airport side, long view

Looking slightly more down the axis of the roof:

Manchester Airport roof seen from side

Back inside we've walked into the area of the station proper, under the roof, looking east:

Manchester Airport under roof

A view of the same area from the side:

Manchester Airport from south side

I particularly like the (apparently) floating ramp:

Manchester Airport ramp

Looking up with the ramp to our right:

Manchester Airport platforms exit

Down on platform level, we're on the island platform 2, one of the two original platforms at the station, under the roof. Looking at the buffers of platforms 1 and 2:

Manchester Airport platforms 1 and 2 buffers

Looking east along platform 2:

Manchester Airport platform 2 looking east

About half way along the platforms a road bridge runs over the lines, giving us this view of platforms 1 and 2 from the bridge:

Manchester Airport platforms 1 and 2 from the bridge

The platforms continue beyond the bridge. Here are platforms 1 and 2 looking east:

Manchester Airport platforms 1 and 2 looking east

This plaque at the end of platforms 1 and 2 mark platform 1's opening as the station's third platform:

Manchester Airport's third platform was officially opened in January 2009 by The Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Transport.  This £15 million project was jointly funded by GMPTE, Manchester Airport, Network Rail, The Northern Way and co-financed by the European Union from the Trans-European Networks budget

Platform 3 sits on the opposite side of the central island from platform 2. Looking along the line from the buffers of platforms 3 and 4:

Manchester Airport platforms 3 and 4 buffers

On platform 3 looking west towards the end of the line with platform 4 on the right:

Manchester Airport platform 3 looking west

Further east, looking west from under the road bridge over the lines:

Manchester Airport platforms 3 and 4 looking west from under road bridge

Beyond the road bridge, looking east along platform 3:

Manchester Airport platforms 3 and 4 looking east

North of platforms 3 and 4 are the two Metrolink platforms:

Manchester Airport Metrolink platforms