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Long Preston

Collected date 18/09/15

Long Preston sign

Long Preston station is quite a contrast from the beautifully restored stations along the Settle and Carlisle Line which follow it after the line branches just north of the station. The station has two platforms, which are joined only by the road bridge which crosses the line. The approach to the station from the east of the line:

Long Preston approach

The entrance to platform 1:

Long Preston entrance

On platform 1 looking westwards towards the road bridge:

Long Preston platform 1 shelter

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking west along both platforms:

Long Preston platforms looking

A milepost on platform 1:

Long Preston mile post

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Long Preston looking east

At the western end of platform 1 looking at the road bridge which crosses the line:

Long Preston road bridge

To the side of the running lines under the bridge is this archway with a track running under it:

Long Preston bridge arch

Walking up to the road bridge we look east at the station platforms:

Long Preston looking east
					   from bridge

Looking west from the bridge as a freight train approaches:

Long Preston looking west
					   from bridge

Just on the far side of the bridge is the entrance to platform 2 for trains towards Carlisle and Lancaster:

Long Preston platform 2

Looking down the fairly steep ramp to platform 2:

Long Preston platform 2 ramp

The entrance to platform 2:

Long Preston platform 2

As on the other side of the bridge there is an archway not used for trains:

Long Preston disused archway

Looking west along platform 2:

Long Preston looking west

Platform 2 continues under the bridge, and has a shelter opposite platform 1:

Long Preston platform 2 shelter

Looking east from platform 1 towards the end of platform 2:

Long Preston platforms looking