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Collected date 18/05/10

Lockwood sign

Lockwood is a small single platform station on the Penistone Line just south of Huddersfield.

The main entrance to the station is off Swan Lane, where the railway crosses the road just south of the station:

Lockwood entrance

The entrance once also led under the tracks, but the subway is now blocked off:

Lockwood blocked subway

Peering through the grille at the top of the gate we can see the former subway:

Lockwood secret underground

The view down the steps to the entrance:

Lockwood in subway

The entrance to the subway from the platform:

Lockwood subway entrance

On the platform, looking south:

Lockwood platform

The place where the subway emerges on the disused platform opposite is clearly visible:

Lockwood disused
platform subway entrance

Indeed, at the southern end of the disused platform we can see what is probably the top of the arch of the subway:

Lockwood disused platform

Looking south along the line:

Lockwood looking south

Looking north:

Lockwood looking north

Across the road south of the station, some cables parallel the railway on small pillars:

Lockwood cable props