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Liverpool Central

Collected date 05/07/13

Liverpool Central sign

The current Liverpool Central station is not the original one, having been rebuilt when the Merseyrail Wirral Line was established. The platforms are all underground in tunnels, and the entrance at street level is embedded in a shopping centre:

Liverpool Central

The shopping centre entrance leads into a concourse, with ticket barriers on the right leading to the platforms and a combined shop and ticket office:

Liverpool Central

As well as the main entrance from the shopping centre there is a side entrance on Fairclough Street:

Liverpool Central
side entrance

The end of the concourse breaks out into a T-shape with the Wirral Line platforms accessible from the left (behind me in this photo) and the Northern Line on the right (ahead):

Liverpool Central
concourse beyond ticket barriers

On the wall a list of facts about Liverpool:

Liverpool Central Liverpool

Plaques in the concourse mark various stages of improvements to Liverpool Central:

Liverpool Central plaques

Behind the giant Costa cup in the concourse end photo is a small waiting area, and the glass behind that is decorated with a photo of the old above-ground Central Station:

Liverpool Central waiting

As well as escalators to the Northern Line platforms there is a lift, to the right of the concourse as you look towards the ticket barriers. It's very small, particularly if you have a bike. Here's the approach to the tiny lift:

Liverpool Central
lift approach

Down on the Northern Line platforms 1 and 2, looking south towards the end of the platforms:

Liverpool Central platforms 1
and 2

Looking north towards the escalators up to the concourse:

Liverpool Central platforms 1
and 2 looking north

On platform 1 beyond the escalators:

Liverpool Central platform 1

Further beyond that is the escalator down towards the Wirral Line platform:

Liverpool Central platforms
1 and 2 exit to Wirral line

The station is on the Wirral Line loop, so there is only one Wirral Line platform, platform 3:

Liverpool Central platform 3