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Collected date 13/09/16

Littleborough sign

Littleborough station is the last station in Manchester before we leave the arms of Metro, so it's good that it's got some proper buildings for a change. The two platforms are staggered, with platform 2 having a large building on a slight rise:

Littleborough front

The rear of the building gives on to platform 2, with the Littleborough History Centre having a window to show what the station building is now used for:

Littleborough History Centre

Looking west along platform 2:

Littleborough rear

Past the station building is this modern shelter:

Littleborough platform 2 shelter

A view of platform 2 from platform 1:

Littleborough platform 2

Steps lead down from platform 2 to a subway which connects the two platforms:

Littleborough platform 2 steps

The subway connects with the ticket office building, closer to platform 1:

Littleborough platform 1 front

Plaques on the platform 1 building mark the opening of the first section of the Manchester and Leeds Railway in 1839, the station's restoration in 2012, and the station's 175th anniversary in 2014:

Littleborough plaques

On the opposite wall, a plaque notes that this is George Stephenson Square:

Littleborough George Stephenson Square

Looking towards the subway:

Littleborough subway

Part way along the subway steps lead up to platform 1:

Littleborough platform 1 steps

At the far end of the subway a ramp leads up to platform 1:

Littleborough platform 1 subway end

The ramped entrance to platform 1, for Manchester-bound trains:

Littleborough platform 1 entrance

Up on platform 1 we can see the roof and rear of the ticket office building:

Littleborough platform 1 rear

Up on platform 1 looking west:

Littleborough platform 1 looking west

Behind the operational platform 1 we can see a stretch of disused platform edge, which along with the extra length of the subway suggests there were once more lines here:

Littleborough disused platform edge

A "Welcome To Littleborough" mosaic sign has suffered some damage:

Littleborough platform 1 mosaic

Looking west along platform 1 towards its end:

Littleborough platform 1