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Lincoln St Marks

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Collected date 29/08/11

Lincoln St Marks sign

Lincoln St Marks was once the second of two stations in Lincoln, both of which had level crossings across the High Street. In 1985 all rail services in Lincoln were moved to Lincoln Central just up the road, and St Marks was closed. The front of the station building wasn't just demolished, though, but was instead incorporated into the St Marks shopping centre development.

The station front, on Station Street, seen looking west from High St:

Lincoln St Marks front,
looking west

The central part of the station frontage:

Lincoln St Marks front

Looking east at the station building. The join between the station building and the more modern construction of the rest of the shopping centre is visible behind the lamp post:

Lincoln St Marks front,
looking east

A plaque on the building:

Lincoln St Marks plaque

A little way east of the station building is this fake "signalbox", used as management offices for the shopping centre. The sign is genuine, mind:

Lincoln St Marks signalbox

Inside the shopping centre, in Argos, are a number of pictures of the station in its working days. Also these stones on the floor, which are (according to the plaque on the wall) from the original platform edge:

Lincoln St Marks platform

The join between two eras of building in the foyer of Argos:

Lincoln St Marks join

Looking at the station building from the west, just north of where the level crossing would be:

Lincoln St Marks level crossing

Opposite the shopping centre is this building:

Lincoln St Marks

The plaque tells us it used to house first a crossing keeper, and then machinery, to operate the level crossing:

Lincoln St Marks
Wheelhouse plaque