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Collected date 14/09/16

Levenshulme sign

Levenshulme station sits on a viaduct accessed from what National Rail calls "Unnamed Road" but which a sign on the front of the station building calls "The Road With No Name":

Levenshulme front

Art decorates the spaces between the buttresses:

Levenshulme front art

Stepping back we can see the entrance to the station and the rail bridge crossing the road on the right:

Levenshulme platform 2 entrance

Steps lead up to platform 2:

Levenshulme platform 2 steps

The steps arrive under a shelter on platform 2:

Levenshulme platform 2 looking south

The shelter also has a covered area to sit, as we can see from this view from over the line:

Levenshulme platform 2 shelter

Next to the shelter is some interesting fencing with patterns in it:

Levenshulme fencing patterns

Next to the shelter looking north:

Levenshulme platform 2 looking north

Looking south down the line from the end of platform 2:

Levenshulme looking south

Back to ground level, we find a pedestrian underpass goes under the line at the station's north end:

Levenshulme underpass

Exiting the underpass we can see the shelter and buildings on the other side of the line:

Levenshulme platform 1 rear

A pedestrianised street leads to the underpass on this side, through a car park:

Levenshulme platform 1 approach

Mysteriously I didn't get photos of the entrance to the platform 1, so you'll have to take my word for it that somewhere around here it's possible to get up there. It's somewhere between here, back on the road on the other side of the bridge:

Levenshulme platform 1 side

...and the car park. We look up the steps, anyway:

Levenshulme platform 1 steps

A mural/mosaic at the top of the steps:

Levenshulme platform 1 mural

On platform 1, next to the building:

Levenshulme platform 1 building

The building and shelter on platform 1:

Levenshulme platform 1

Looking north along the long platforms!

From the end of platform 1 looking north along the line:

Levenshulme looking north

Looking south:

Levenshulme platforms looking south

Not done terribly well, but some of the signs are in Arabic script:

Levenshulme Arabic script sign