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Lea Green

Collected date 04/07/13

Lea Green sign

Lea Green lies to the west of St Helens, and is a modern station dating from the millennium with the usual huge car park and zig-zaggy ramps we have come to expect from such things.

The station sits just west of the A569 where two bridges, one for traffic and one for pedestrians, cross the line. To the north of the line is the large car park and this station building:

Lea Green front

The side of the station building, with a small canopy over the booking window and the entrance to platform 1 on the left:

Lea Green side

The platforms themselves are in a cutting, accessed by either steps or a long twisty ramp. This is the entrance to platform 1:

Lea Green exit, platform 1 side

On platform 1 looking west:

Lea Green platform 1 looking west

A clock sits above platform 1:

Lea Green clock

Looking east from the end of platform 1 at the bridges which cross the line. The first is the pedestrial bridge and the second beyond that is the road bridge:

Lea Green looking east

On platform 1 looking east at the platforms:

Lea Green platforms looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Lea Green looking west

On the bridge looking north (so the platforms and station are on the left):

Lea Green on bridge

From the bridge looking west at the station:

Lea Green looking west from

The entrance to platform 2 from the north side of the station:

Lea Green platform 2 entrance

What Lea Green is for - Sherdley Park which was a very pleasent place to wander around while waiting for the next train:

Lea Green for