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Collected date 19/09/15

Langwathby lamp

Langwathby station was the first of our final day's exploration of the Settle-Carlisle line, and the sun was still low in the sky while we wandered about the station and village. The approach to the northbound platform 1 from the A686 which passes under the line at the north end of the station:

Langwathby platform 1

The rear of the station building seen from the south:

Langwathby rear

A café now occupies the station building, with the entrance here:

Langwathby cafe entrance

North of the old station building is the entrance gate to platform 1:

Langwathby platform 1 entrance

The village and station were full of jerseys and yellow bikes in celebration of the recent passage of the Tour of Britain, as you can see in this view back towards the gate from platform 1:

Langwathby platform 1 exit

Just north of the entrance to platform 1 is this modern shelter:

Langwathby platform 1 shelter

Further south down platform 1, looking north at the station building:

Langwathby platform 1

The station building seen from the opposite side of the track:

Langwathby front

The centre of the station building has decorative ironwork:

Langwathby building centre

At the northern end of platform 1 looking south:

Langwathby platforms looking

Looking north along the line from the same point:

Langwathby looking north

The only way to get from one platform to the other is via the road, so now we wander down back to the road, pausing to look at the old station house:

Langwathby station house

Then walk under this bridge towards the entrance to platform 2 on the right:

Langwathby bridge

This path leads up to platform 2:

Langwathby platform 2 approach

The entrance to platform 2:

Langwathby platform 2 entrance

The entrance leads on to platform 2 next to the shelter building there:

Langwathby platform 2 exit

The shelter on platform 2:

Langwathby platform 2 shelter

Looking north along the platform:

Langwathby looking north along
platform 2

Looking south along platform 2:

Langwathby looking south along
platform 2

Flowerbeds are well tended on platform 2:

Langwathby garden

At the southern end of platform 2 looking north:

Langwathby platform 2

Looking south along the line, with the old goods shed visible to the right of the line:

Langwathby looking south

The goods shed, which is now part of a chicken farm:

Langwathby goods shed