Britain >North West >Langho Ramsgreave and Wilpshire Whalley


Collected date 16/09/16

Langho sign

Langho station is pretty rural and serves the small village of the same name. The two platforms are connected by an unexpectedly tiny underpass:

Langho underpass

As with some other stations on this line it still has a noticeboard marking reopening back in 1994. To the left is the platform for Blackburn, platform 1:

Langho platform 1 looking up steps

Looking back down the steps:

Langho platform 1 steps

Up on platform 1 we look east at the steps and platform 2 on the left:

Langho platform 1 looking east

Platform 1 seen from platform 2:

Langho platform 1 seen from platform 2

The shelter on platform 1:

Langho platform 1 shelter

Looking back east along platform 1:

Langho looking east on platform 1

On the other side of the tracks are steps up to platform 2:

Langho platform 2 steps

There's also a stile leading to a footpath:

Langho stile

Up on platform 2 looking east:

Langho platform 2 looking east

The shelter and information boards on platform 2:

Langho platform 2 shelter

A sign tells us that Langho is for Jessica Lofthouse Country:

Langho - Alight here for Jessica Lofthouse Country

Planters (and a storage bench!) on platform 2:

Langho platform 2 planters

At the far end of platform 2 looking back west:

Langho platform 2 looking west

Looking east along the line:

Langho looking east