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Collected date 26/04/08

Knebworth sign

Knebworth is a station I visited in 2008 but for some reason never got around to uploading, but since a reader kindly asked if I had the photos, I have taken shelter from the snow outside to upload them now.

The approach to the station from the west:

Knebworth approach road

The front of the station building, with an old style lamp above the entrance:

Knebworth front

The tracks are raised, and there is a small space between the station building and the embankment. Looking north from this corridor with the station building to the left and its side exit ahead of us. To our right is the subway leading under the tracks:

Knebworth side

Having passed under platforms 3 and 4, looking west back at the station building:

Knebworth subway

Stairs up from the subway to platforms 3 and 4, nearest to the station building:

Knebworth platforms 3 and 4

From platform 4, looking at the rear of the station building:

Knebworth rear

Looking north along platforms 3 and 4:

Knebworth platforms 3 and 4 looking

Looking south along platform 3:

Knebworth platform 3 looking south

Over on the far side of the fast lines are platforms 1 and 2, looking north:

Knebworth platforms 1 and 2 looking

Looking south along the line:

Knebworth looking south