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Collected date 01/07/13

Kirkdale sign

The entrance to Kirkdale station is to the west of the line:

Kirkdale entrance

There are signs of earlier entrances on Westminster Road which crosses the line to the north of the station, now blocked up:

Kirkdale blocked entrance

A footbridge from the entrance crosses non-passenger lines, looking south:

Kirkdale from footbridge looking

To the north we can see the back of the bricked-up entrance:

Kirkdale blocked steps

The station building is on an overbridge above the line, with lifts and steps down to each platform:

Kirkdale building

From the building, looking south at the platforms:

Kirkdale from building looking

The building at platform-level, housing the lift shaft, on platform 2:

Kirkdale lift

The zig-zag of steps leading down from the station building:

Kirkdale steps

On platform 1, looking north at the rest of the station:

Kirkdale platform 1

Looking south along the line from platform 1:

Kirkdale looking south

A view of the building and road bridge beyond it:

Kirkdale bridges

Behind the fence on platform 1 is this old lamp-post:

Kirkdale lamp post

From the steps on platform 1, a view towards the yard just south-west of the station:

Kirkdale yard

Looking north from tne end of platform 1:

Kirkdale looking north

Two disused tunnel mouths to the east of the running lines:

Kirkdale disused tunnels