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Collected date 12/09/14

Kirkby-in-Furness sign

Kirkby-in-Furness station is a small station on the eastern side of Duddon Sands, serving a small collection of villages with a simple two-platform station. The entrance to the station is on its eastern side:

Kirkby-in-Furness front

The entrance leads onto platform 1, for trains south towards Barrow:

Kirkby-in-Furness platform 1

Platform 1, seen under the footbridge from platform 2:

Kirkby-in-Furness platform 1

On platform 1, looking north, with platform 2 and its stone shelter on the left:

Kirkby-in-Furness platform 1
looking north

At the south end of platform 1 there is a barrow crossing:

Kirkby-in-Furness barrow

Looking south along the line from the barrow crossing:

Kirkby-in-Furness looking south

However, the footbridge is the main way across the line:

Kirkby-in-Furness footbridge

On the footbridge looking north along the line:

Kirkby-in-Furness looking
north from footbridge

Looking south towards the barrow crossing:

Kirkby-in-Furness looking
south from footbridge

Platform 2 is bounded by a stone wall between it and the estuary, but this stone shelter is built out into the estuary:

Kirkby-in-Furness platform 2

The rear of the shelter:

platform 2 shelter rear

At the eastern end of platform 2, steps lead up to the platform from the estuary side of the station:

Kirkby-in-Furness platform 2