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Collected date 13/09/14

Kendal sign

Although it now consists of only one platform, Kendal station still appears quite grand, with its original station building still standing. The line is on an embankment, so the station building is at ground level but the ramp on the left leads up to platform level:

Kendal front, ground floor

On the road to the east of the station building a previous second stepped entrance is visible:

Kendal east side

Starting up the ramp to the station itself, with a small cycle and foot path on the right and a road on the left:

Kendal ramp

From car park level, looking at the front of the station building:

Kendal front from car park

The first floor of the station building at platform level:

Kendal front, first floor

The western side of the station building:

Kendal side

At platform level a stone shelter faces the single operational track:

Kendal shelter rear

Looking inside the shelter:

Kendal shelter

On the platform looking west:

Kendal platform

Looking east along the platform from its western end:

Kendal platform looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of the platform:

Kendal looking west

Walking along to the other end of the platform, looking west:

Kendal platform looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform, across the bridge:

Kendal looking east

The station used to have a building on the northern side of the line, but that was demolished when the line was singled. However, traces still remain. Walking through the subway that leads under the line from the ground floor frontage, we look back at the rear of the station:

Kendal subway

Behind fences are old tiled entrances to what was probably once part of the station on this side of the line:

Kendal old part of station Kendal tiled underside of stairs

The area formerly occupied by buildings on this side of the line is now a car park, giving this view of the rear of the existing station buildings:

Kendal rear