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Collected date 28/07/15

Inverness sign

Inverness was the start and end of our brief weekend in the far north of Scotland, as we took the Caledonian Sleeper both there and back. The station building dates from the 1960s and faces a small square between two rather older buildings:

Inverness front

Inside the station entrance looking back towards the forecourt:

Inverness front rear

The entrance leads into a concourse area:

Inverness concourse

Walking over to the other side of the concourse, so the entrance is behind the WHSmith building:

Inverness concourse looking

Platforms 1 and 2 are set off to one side from the main concourse. Here's the entrance archway to those platforms:

Inverness platforms 1 and 2

Detail of the SR monogram on the wall. I assume this was transplanted from the old station building when the station was rebuilt in the 1960s:

Inverness SR monogram

The small concourse area at the end of platforms 1 and 2, accessed through the gateline to the right:

Inverness platforms 1 and 2 end

Platform 2:

Inverness platform 2

The side of the station. Platform 2 is covered by this add-on canopy, and platform 1 begins beyond the canopy's end:

Inverness side

Returning to the main concourse, looking through the archway in the wall that runs down the centre of the main trainshed:

Inverness archway

Platforms 3 and 4:

Inverness platforms 3 and 4

On the wall between platform 4 and platform 5 is this plaque listing the directors of one of the railway companies:

Inverness Directors

Platforms 5 and 6:

Inverness platforms 5 and 6

On the other side of the wall from the "Directors" plaque is this plaque marking the completion of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway:

Inverness I &
A. J. RWY. plaque

Looking back at the gateline:

Inverness gateline

Looking south down platforms 5 and 6:

Inverness platforms 5 and 6 looking

This side of the station is not barriered off, because it provides access both to the car park and to the oddly distant platform 7. Emerging from the station building we look back at the trainshed:

Inverness rear

A longer view of the rear of the station:

Inverness shed rear

Looking approximately eastwards along platform 6:

Inverness platform 6 looking east

Looking west from the same point:

Inverness platform 6 looking west

Looking along the car park, platform 7 is still quite a way away:

Inverness platform 7 approach

Finally, platform 7, cut back to its now isolated location in 2000:

Inverness platform 7

Looking east towards the station buildings (in the distance, you can see them, honest!) on platform 7:

Inverness platform 7 looking east

Looking west on platform 7:

Inverness platform 7 looking west