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Hough Green

Collected date 02/07/13

Hough Green sign

Hough Green is the last station in the Merseytravel area as you head out of Liverpool towards Warrington. The approach to the picturesque station building from the Liverpool Road:

Hough Green approach

The front of the station building, which is partly occupied by a taxi company:

Hough Green front

The station building backs on to the Liverpool-bound platform 1:

Hough Green rear

The side of the station building from platform 1:

Hough Green side

The spandrel supporting the canopy on platform 1:

Hough Green spandrel

A disused clock under the canopy:

Hough Green clock

The windows of the station building have interesting stepped mullions:

Hough Green windows

The roof of the station building:

Hough Green roof

Detail of the wooden end of the roof:

Hough Green roof end

On platform 1 looking west towards the station building and the bridge over the line:

Hough Green platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hough Green looking east

A new and former road bridge cross the line at the west end of the station. The old bridge now provides a pedestrian crossing over the line to reach platform 2:

Hough Green bridge

From the bridge, looking east at the station:

Hough Green from bridge
looking east

The building on platform 2:

Hough Green platform 2 building