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Collected date 30/06/13

Hightown sign

Hightown station serves the village of Hightown between Formby and the urban sprawl around Liverpool. The road used to cross the line but the crossing has been closed so the stub of the road on the east side of the line serves as a small car park. The side of the station building on the eastern side of the line:

Hightown building side

Detail of the pillar on the station building:

Hightown pillar

The footbridge snaking up to cross the line from next to the car parking area:

Hightown footbridge

A view of platform 1 at Hightown:

Hightown platform 1

On the footbridge, looking at the rear of the station building on platform 1:

Hightown station building rear

These supports for a former canopy are visible on the rear of the station building:

Hightown support

From the footbridge, looking north along the line. The road bridge in the distance replaces the level crossing:

Hightown from footbridge looking

Looking south along the line:

Hightown from footbridge looking

On the other side of the line, looking back along the line of the old road level crossing:

Hightown old level crossing

Platform 2 has a simpler building:

Hightown platform 2 building

Looking along platform 2:

Hightown platform 2

On platform 2 looking north at the road bridge which crosses the northern end of the station:

Hightown bridge

Looking south along the platforms from the northern end of platform 2:

Hightown platforms looking south

Looking north from tne end of platform 2:

Hightowm platform 2 looking north