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Collected date 03/07/13

Heswall sign

Heswall is on the Borderlands Line to Wales and is unelectrified, and has much more of the feeling of a station in the middle of nowhere than even the more rural Merseyrail stations:

Borderlands Line Linking Wales
and Merseyside

We arrived by bike in a little bit of a hurry, and the station tunnel was basically the first thing we saw:

Heswall station underpass

But we needed to get up to platform 1 via this ramp:

Heswall platform 1 ramp

On platform 1, looking north:

Heswall platforms looking north

And south:

Heswall platforms looking south

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Heswall looking south

The basic shelter on platform 2:

Heswall platform 2 shelter

The end of the tunnel leading to platform 2 can be seen propping up the platform:

Heswall tunnel end

Looking north along the line:

Heswall looking north