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Collected date 28/07/15

Helmsdale sign

When you stop cycling after 300km in the Highlands, you want a station with a covered and warm waiting room and Helmsdale provided that. Good job, since there were still five hours to wait until the only train of the day arrived!

The station is to the west of the town itself which lies on the east bank of the River Helmsdale. The approach to the station:

Helmsdale approach

The south side of the station building, which is now mostly self-catering holiday accommodation:

Helmsdale south side

The entrance to the station platforms:

Helmsdale entrance

The rear of the station building which faces platform 1. At the far left of the canopy a door leads into the indoor waiting room:

Helmsdale rear

Just north of the station building is another building all of whose doors are locked:

Helmsdale old building

On platform 1 looking north towards the footbridge:

Helmsdale footbridge

From the footbridge looking north. The old signalbox on the right is no longer operational:

Helmsdale looking north from

Looking south from the footbridge:

Helmsdale looking south from

On platform 1 looking south along the line, with a barrel-train planter on the left:

Helmsdale looking south

At the far end of platform 1 looking north along the line:

Helmsdale looking north

Looking south along both platforms:

Helmsdale platforms looking south

Platform 2 has a smaller shelter:

Helmsdale platform 2 shelter