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Collected date 16/09/15

Hellifield sign

We had quite a wait at Hellifield, and then when the train came there was no room for our bikes, so we had to cycle elsewhere to catch another service! It's not such a bad place to wait, though, with log trains pottering about... The station itself a little way north of the village of Hellifield, and the entrance is through a tunnel under the line:

Hellifield entrance

Inside the tunnel subway:

Hellifield subway

Up one ramp, then turn through 180 degrees up another ramp to reach the platform:

Hellifield ramps Hellifield ramp

The ramp leads up to platform level. The platforms used by service trains are short and only go as far as the fence in front, though charters use more of the platforms:

Hellifield platform end

Plaques on the station building:

Hellifield plaques

An old weighing scales is now a planter:

Hellifield scales

Similarly on platform 2 a fence marks off the National Rail part of the platform:

Hellifield platform 2 end

A small waiting area under the canopy at the eastern end of the station building:

Hellifield waiting area

Further east along the platform, looking westwards at the end of the canopy:

Hellifield platform 2 canopy

What looks like a disused bay or similar is fenced off at the eastern end of the station:

Hellifield eastern end disused bay

Looking west with the disused bay on the right and beyond that the extra canopy that platform 1 has:

Hellifield platform 1 canopy

Looking east along platform 1:

Hellifield platform 1 looking east

At the eastern limit of platform 2, looking east:

Hellifield looking east

This signal gantry sits to the east of the station:

Hellifield signal gantry

The signalbox, with the track branching off on the right along the poorly-served route to Clitheroe:

Hellifield signalbox

Looking towards the station buildings from the eastern end of the station:

Hellifield from east

On platform 1 looking towards the canopy:

Hellifield platform 1 from east

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Hellifield platform 1 under canopy

Looking west along the edge of platform 1:

Hellifield platform 1 looking west

Looking along the disused part of platform 2:

Hellifield platform 2 disused edge

A disused bracket on platform 2 for... what, a clock?

Hellifield platform 2 disused bracket

Part way along the platform a corridor links platform 2 to platform 1:

Hellifield corridor

Looking east along platform 2:

Hellifield platform 2 looking east

A wooden building is on the end of the stone building:

Hellifield wooden building

Looking west at the end of the canopy on platform 2:

Hellifield platform 2 canopy end

Mirroring the arrangement at the other end of the station, an extra length of canopy sits alongside a disused bay:

Hellifield disused bay from buffer end

Looking east at the disused west end bay and canopy:

Hellifield disused bay

Looking east at the station building and canopies from the western end of platform 1:

Hellifield from west end

Looking west along the line:

Hellifield looking west