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Hazel Grove

Collected date 14/09/16

Hazel Grove sign

The station at Hazel Grove had already celebrated its 150th anniversary by the time we visited, as you can see from one of these plaques in the station building:

Hazel Grove plaques

However, much of the station is entirely modern. The main entrance to the station is to the north-east of the line, through this car park:

Hazel Grove front

The entrance to the statin building:

Hazel Grove entrance

The steps in front of the building are not accessible, but the side entrance has a ramp:

Hazel Grove side

The small station concourse gives on to platform 1, for trains towards Buxton:

Hazel Grove platform 1

The rear of the station building seen from platform 2 opposite:

Hazel Grove platform 1 seen from platform 2

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hazel Grove looking east

On platform 1, looking west along both platforms:

Hazel Grove platforms looking west

This shiny modern footbridge joins the two platforms with lifts at both ends:

Hazel Grove footbridge

To the west of the footbridge is the still operational signalbox:

Hazel Grove signalbox

The view of the signalbox from the other side showing the steps leading up to it:

Hazel Grove signalbox entrance

Over on platform 2, looking west at the footbridge, with the signalbox visible on the right:

Hazel Grove platform 2 looking west

The entrance to platform 2 from the footbridge:

Hazel Grove platform 2

On platform 2, looking east at the station building and canopy:

Hazel Grove platform 2 canopy

Under the canopy is this small window, sometimes used as a coffee shop:

Hazel Grove platform 2 disused window

Further down platform 2 looking east at the station:

Hazel Grove platform 2 looking east

At the western end of the platforms an old footbridge crosses the line, but it has no access to the platforms themselves:

Hazel Grove footpath footbridge