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Collected date 17/09/15

Harrington sign

Harrington station is most famous for its eponymous humps which assist with level boarding to trains from older platforms without having to rebuild the whole platform. It sits on the Cumbrian Coast line. The only substantial structure at the station apart from the platforms and shelters is the footbridge to which the station sign is affixed:

Harrington footbridge

The entrance is to the east of the station and leads into a small waiting area with shelter, notices, and planters:

Harrington platform 1 shelter

A view of the entrance area as it leads on to platform 1:

Harrington platform 1 entrance

The footbridge crosses the line just south of the entrance. Looking north along platform 1 from under the footbridge:

Harrington platform 1 looking north

A considerable length of platform extends south beyond the footbridge, even though part of it is now grassed over:

Harrington from south end

Looking south from the south end of platform 1:

Harrington looking south

Up on the footbridge, looking south along the line:

Harrington looking south from
the footbridge

Looking north at both platforms from the footbridge:

Harrington looking north from

On platform 2, looking south:

Harrington platform 2

At the southern end of platform 2 is one of the fabled Harrington humps:

Harrington platform 2 hump

At the northern end of platform 2 looking south along the platform:

Harrington seen from north

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Harrington looking north