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Collected date 16/09/16

Hall-i'-th'-Wood sign

Hall-i'-th'wood station is perhaps the most punctuated station on the rail network, but not the most elaborate; it's just two platforms on an embankment on the Ribble Valley line. It's named after a local hall of the same name but ws actually opened in the 1980s to serve a new housing estate.

This bridge takes the railway over the A58:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood bridge

On this side of the road is the entrance to platform 1 for trains southwards towards Bolton:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 1 entrance

On platform 1:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 1

A mysterious post on the platform used to support something:

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood looking north

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 1 mysterious post

From platform 1 one can look past the bridge at platform 2:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2 seen from platform 1

The entrance to platform 2 on the other side of the road:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2 entrance

Looking up the steps:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2 steps

The shelter on platform 2:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2 shelter

On platform 2:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2

Down at the end of platform 2 looking north:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood platform 2 looking north

Looking south along the line:

Hall-i'-th'-Wood looking south