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Collected date 14/09/16

Hale sign

Hale station is in a suburb of Altrincham and boasts a station with some particularly fine canopies over its platforms. The front of the station building faces west:

Hale front, platform 1 side

The entrance doorway is decorated and has a lantern above it:

Hale platform 1 entrance

The detailing is also on the inside and on the doors, as this photo from within shows:

Hale platform 1 exit doors

Looking north along the front of the station building we can see the veterinary surgery, which claims to be the old station house:

Hale view along front

The station house seen from the other side:

Hale station house

From the car park next to the station house is an entrance on to platform 1, from where we look north along the line and notice the substantial length of disused platform on the other side:

Hale looking north

Along platform 1 to the rear of the station building and the canopy:

Hale platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 1 looking at the rear of the building. A way out leads through the station building to the front:

Hale platform 1 rear

Looking south at both platforms from under platform 1's canopy:

Hale platform 1 looking south

A footbridge connects both platforms:

Hale footbridge

From the footbridge, looking north along the line:

Hale looking north from footbridge

Looking south from the footbridge:

Hale looking south from footbridge

The footbridge ends on platform 2 next to the entrance from the car park:

Hale platform 2 entrance

On platform 2 looking south:

Hale platform 2 looking south

From the southern end of platform 2 we look south at the level crossing:

Hale looking south

The level crossing from the road, looking west:

Hale level crossing

The signalbox next to the level crossing:

Hale signalbox

Next to the level crossing is a cobbled entrance to the car park:

Hale car park entrance

The car park gives us a view of the front of the platform 2 building, now a physiotherapy centre:

Hale platform 2 building front

The side entrance to the building:

Hale platform 2 building side