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Hadlow Road

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Collected date 03/07/13

Hadlow Road sign

The signal at Hadlow Road is forever at danger, because the track is just for show. The rest of the line was torn up decades ago, but the route survived as the Wirral Way and the station has been restored to its 1950s condition.

The level crossing to the west of the station, where the gates are still useful to stop motorists wandering down the bridleway:

Hadlow Road level crossing

From the eastern end of the station, looking at the station complex:

Hadlow Road overview

The down platform, once for trains towards Hooton, is now just home to an old trolley:

Hadlow Road down platform

The front of the station building faces the down platform:

Hadlow Road front

Detail of the lamp on the corner:

Hadlow Road lamp

Next to the doorway, a plaque describing the wonders of rail travel in the 1950s:

Hadlow Road plaque

The inside of the station building has also been refurbished, so there is this ticket window:

Hadlow Road tickets

And a set of scales:

Hadlow Road scales

The eastern side of the station building:

Hadlow Road side

In case you're wondering, Cattle Cake was cattle feed produced as a by-product of the Lever Brothers oil and cake mill at Port Sunlight.

The rear of the station building:

Hadlow Road building rear

The doorway bears the date 1866:

Hadlow Road door

At the eastern end of the down platform, the signalbox:

Hadlow Road signalbox

Looking west along the down platform:

Hadlow Road down platform looking

The up platform is mostly bare or covered in shrubbery, but there is this red brick shelter:

Hadlow Road up platform shelter

Looking east along the "line" towards Hooton:

Hadlow Road looking east