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Green Lane

Collected date 05/07/13

Green Lane sign

Green Lane station is in Birkenhead, with station buildings at ground level and platforms in a tunnel. The front of the station building on the west side of the line:

Green Lane front

The northernmost window of the station frontage is nicely tiled:

Green Lane tiles

The south end of the station building:

Green Lane south end

The side of the southern end of the station building:

Green Lane south side

The north end of the station frontage:

Green Lane north end

The big building is very wedge shaped:

Green Lane wedge

An entrance has been bricked up here:

Green Lane disused entry

Looking under the bridge at the northern end of the station:

Green Lane bridge looking east

Inside the station building is a cavernous ticket hall, with ticket counters on the right and steps leading down to the platforms on the left:

Green Lane ticket hall

Looking down the steps from the ticket hall:

Green Lane steps

The steps lead down to a footbridge which spans the tracks:

Green Lane footbridge entrance

Immediately to the left as we walk onto the footbridge is this blocked archway, perhaps leading to the bricked up entrance at ground level?

Green Lane disused footbridge

Steps lead down from the footbridge to platform 1. Looking back up to the footbridge from platform level:

Green Lane platform 1 steps

On platform 1, looking north towards the footbridge:

Green Lane platform 1 looking north

Looking south along platform 1:

Green Lane platform 1

The retaining wall at the northern end of platform 1 is covered in moss:

Green Lane platform 1 wall

On the wall are traces of fixings, perhaps for an old canopy or lamp?

Green Lane disused support

The rear of the station building and steps up to the footbridge from platform 1:

Green Lane rear

Back on the footbridge looking south:

Green Lane from footbridge
looking south

Looking south towards platform 2 from the footbridge:

Green Lane platform 2 looking south

The footbridge from platform level:

Green Lane footbridge

The ironwork is quite old and has a plaque dating from 1886:

Green Lane ironwork:
Manufactured by the Butterley Company 1886

On platform 2 looking south:

Green Lane platform 2

Looking north into the tunnel at the end of platform 1:

Green Lane looking north

Looking south down the line from the other end:

Green Lane looking south

The station is in a tunnel, with half of it open to the sky, and half covered by arches. The arched half is underneath a disused goods line to the Birkenhead docks:

Green Lane arches