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Collected date 13/09/16

Greenfield sign

Greenfield is a small station on the edge of Manchester, just as the landscape turns into the hills of the Peak District. We only had a flying visit before catching our next train of the day, so it's fortunate that it's only a simple station! The front of the station on the east of the line:

Greenfield front long view

The entrance to the station is up these steps, where there's a small ticket office and access to the platforms:

Greenfield front

The entrance leads on to platform 1 just to the rear of the station building:

Greenfield rear

At the western end of platform 1 looking east towards the station building and footbridge:

Greenfield from west

From the end of platform 1 looking west along the line:

Greenfield looking west

Over at the eastern end of the station is the footbridge which is the only access to platform 2 opposite:

Greenfield footbridge

Under the footbridge looking east towards the end of platform 1 and the road bridge which takes the Oldham Road over the line:

Greenfield looking east

Up on the footbridge looking east:

Greenfield looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge at the rest of the station:

Greenfield looking west from footbridge

A bricked-up gap in the wall at the end of the footbridge indicates a possible former entrance to the station:

Greenfield footbridge end

Platform 2 features a small waiting room built into the side of the hill:

Greenfield platform 2